We accept electronics and gadgets in good working condition, particularly Raspberry Pis, HDMI monitors, USB keyboards, and mice.

We’re looking for the following goodies

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 and plug-in power supply
  2. HDMI monitors
  3. USB keyboards and mice (wireless or wired)
  4. HDMI cables
  5. Mini speakers
  6. Microphones
  7. Webcams
  8. 16-GB SD memory cards (or higher)
  9. Arduino Uno microcontrollers
  10. Breadboards and breadboard-ready components like LED lights, switches, capacitors, and sensors
  11. USB thumb drives


  1. We accept items in good working condition that our program can use. We will dispose of items that aren’t working or that we don’t need.
  2. Sorry, we can’t pick up donations. We can give you drop-off locations in BGC, Makati, or Libis. Consider this part of your assistance 🙂

BatangTech is Low Cost

It costs less than P5,000 to share high-level technology with 1 student. We can assemble a complete computer set for under Php10,000, and this is shared by 2 kids.

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